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Finally Think I am Ready

I have FINALLY decided that I am ready to get my fat ass in gear and get down to the difficult business of losing weight. I hogged down on cheese pizza at lunch yesterday and tonight I am having dinner at my mommy's house. Love her cooking, so I feel like indulging a bit. Tomorrow, it starts. Diet. Diet. Diet. Exercise. Exercise. Exercise. 

I don't feel as watching what I eat will be a problem. I enjoy my veggies, fruits, and eating healthy. That won't be a problem. Problem #1 will be portion control. I need to make myself stop eating when I feel full. I have the problem of eating, eating, eating because it tastes good. I am not a cook by any means. However, Brian (husband), is a WONDERFUL cook. Plus he is Italian so we eat lots of pasta. Big problem right there. Problem #2 I see happening is not wanting to get my lazy ass up to exercise. I get up at 5:15 every morning to drive my ass from Grand Blanc to Sagnasty to teach. Then drive home. Home by 5:00ish. Have to feed Noah. Want to relax. Most nights I try to do some form of housework and many nights I bring home papers to grade or lessons to prepare. Plus I love my TV shows. So finding time to exercise is not a top priority. I have to make it one. Have to. I have many Dance Dance Revolution games for the various gaming systems lying around the house (Wii, XBox, Playstation) and I enjoy playing those. They have work out modes. Also, the elliptical doesn't need to be a clothes hanger anymore. I can do that while I watch my TV programs. This is what I have to commit myself to do. Once this horrible Michigan winter weather stops I would like to take Noah for walks in the stroller. So, these are my plans. Any tips from you all out there who have been working on losing weight would be helpful.

 Oh, I am so going to make myself obnoxious with this journal...I can already see that.
 Okay, so I'm all about healthy snacks with little to zero calories. My favourite snack is carrots dipped in mustard and I know that may sound hideous, but it really is very good and contains negative calories (see comments from my previous post) on both accounts.
 Today, I was in Tom's Grocery (my absolute favourite grocery store EVER) and I was looking for some sort of snack that would really give me some sustenance for those times when I just don't feel like eating fruits and vegetables and really shouldn't be inhaling low-cal pretzels or chips. I did some digging and found some La Choy products (http://www.lachoy.com/products/vegetables.jsp) that are 15 calories per serving with about 3.5 servings per container. I'm thinkin' this is a total score. Now, what I have to be careful about is the sodium content, which is why I recommend the Fancy Mixed Vegetables with 3% sodium.
 I'm totally looking forward to dinner or a snack later.
 Good and happy/healthy eating!


My Helpful Little Calorie Counter...

 I would like to pony up this link: http://www.healthyweightforum.org/eng/calorie-counter/
 It has been extremely helpful to me during my weight loss travels. One of the main things I like best about it is a list of negative calorie foods, which I have been trying to incorporate more into my diet. Also, it's very easy to navigate so I hope it will be beneficial to others.
 Good luck & happy/healthy eating!


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